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Army MWR Rosetta Stone for Free

Like many, I was disappointed to discover Rosetta Stone’s military contract expired in 2011. However, don’t fall for the 10% military discount they offer in consolation, you can still get Rosetta Stone for free by visiting your local MWR Library!


Installing PyQt5 on Mac OS X

I am learning how to use PyQt to create a Python GUI. These are the steps in installing PyQt5 on Mac OS X. I am running El Capitan 10.11.4 with Homebrew.


Python Virtual Environments Cheat Sheet

Virtual environments make using Python a bit more manageable, especially when it comes to deploying Python programs and creating the requirements (able to use pip freeze > requirements.txt and only use packages necessary to that individual project). However, I commonly find myself forgetting some of the more basic commands. For Python 2 use pip, for Python 3 use pip3.