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Army MWR Rosetta Stone for Free

Like many, I was disappointed to discover Rosetta Stone’s military contract expired in 2011. However, don’t fall for the 10% military discount they offer in consolation, you can still get Rosetta Stone for free by visiting your local MWR Library!

Army MWR Library

The Army-Rosetta Stone contract may have expired, but MWR picked up the contract! To get full access to Rosetta Stone go to your local MWR library and get an account. Once you have your web login and PIN login to your account at Go to Online Resources to view all the free resources MWR has available, such as Rosetta Stone, Overdrive (download ebooks, audiobooks, and stream movies), access to Consumer Reports, access to various periodicals, journals, and more. You will be able to use the Rosetta Stone iOS and Google Play apps, but you must launch the application through the MWR website address.

Learning a Foreign Language on your Phone

I am using Duolingo, Babbel, and Rosetta Stone to learn Italian on my iPhone.